A one price fee to pick, pack, and ship.

Who we are

Vertical Skyline is a small business that handles a select customer base that has no west coast warehousing and fulfilment. This is how we operate:

  1. We make it simple. A one price fee to pick, pack, and ship.
  2. Monthly storage fee.
  3. No long term contracts.
  4. We only work with small business (less to 100 packages a day)
  5. Ideal product ships USPS or Fedex ground.
  6. Ideal product weighs 2 oz to 70 pounds.
  7. Ideal size fits meets standard fedex ground guidelines.
  8. Monday through Friday shipping, except Holidays.
  9. Simple fulfilment. You provide the order. We pick, pack, and ship.
  10. Ideal customers have a niche market product and have less then 50 different stocked products.
  11. We keep it simple. We charge a flat rate to fulfil an order and for warehousing space.
  12. We target a $2 to $5 fix package cost, so you can build it into your price structure.
  13. Ideally the saving on shipping pays for the packaging. So we make you money, not cost you money.
  14. We use your shipping account number or ours, which ever gets the cheapest rates.

Who We Are Not

  1. We do not work with large corporations.
  2. We will not work with disorganized structured companies or corporations.
  3. We do not work with complex integration software programs.
  4. We do not seek to rapidly expand.
  5. We will not take any business. It must fit our current business model.
  6. We do not have unlimited warehouse space and have no expansion plans. As of May 2016, we have open space of about 40 full pallets.
  7. We do not handle your daily customer service with your clients.
  8. We do not handle returns.

Contact us:

We are located at 647 W. Billinis Rd., Salt Lake City, UT 84119

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What is our Pricing Model

Pricing Example (Keeping it simple):

Inbound: Customer Ships 5 pallets of products in a month.

  • Monthly storage fee is $40 per 40x48x40 pallet.


  • 250 total packages sent per month

Cost per package:

  • $3 pick and pack cost.

Total monthly bill: $950.00

Total cost monthly cost is $3.80 per package.


  • Shipping time to customer is now 2 days vs 5 days.
  • Shipping from the East Coast was $28.00 per package. Now it is $21.00 ($7.00 per package savings).
  • Cost to ship averages $3.80. Customer makes $3.20 more per package.
  • Sales on the west coast improve.
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