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We Rethought Everything

Case Study 1

ChemWorld.com started as a SE regional water treatment supplier in 2004.

In 2009, the company expanded into ECommerce, just before ECommerce was getting started.

As business continued to grow from a regional company into a national company, it was evident the business model had to change due to:

  • Poor transit west coast transit times.
  • Increased west coast small shipping rates.
Image 2

Before 2015 ChemWorld.com Fedex Ground Transit Map



In late 2015, ChemWorld.com began warehousing and stocking products at WestCoast-Fulfillment.com.

Sales Results were IMMEDIATE:

  • Decrease in calls about “Where does the product ships from?” and “How long will it take to get my product?”.
  • Superior website promotion showing much improved transit time.
  • Decreased built in average shipping costs on “Free Shipping” promotions on products exceeding 50 pound by $30.00.
  • No longer a local or regional company. Now a national brand.
  • Improved online west coast bounce rates.
Image 3

Today – Jan 2016 ChemWorld.com Fedex Ground Transit Map

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